Lubna Takruri is a San Francisco based journalist and TV producer with more than 12 years of international experience across the US and Middle East. Her diverse experience ranges from working as a fixer and producer in conflict zones to producing a half-hour monthly business feature series for CNBC in the Middle East.  






Lubna is equally adept at conceiving and planning a story idea, writing a script, managing a crew, presenting on-camera, and overseeing the edit and assembly. After more than a decade of working in news, she is versatile and calm under pressure, and prides herself on getting things done.


Lubna is currently specializing in producing creative nonfiction narrative video, back in her hometown of San Francisco, an exciting place to cover subjects such as tech innovation, alternative culture, wellness trends, and an international arts, food and lifestyle scene.


She is working as a freelance journalist, having presented an episode of a program for CNBC; produced a series on contract for YouTube; produced news for Al Jazeera and AJ+; and Arabic translation work for PBS, Time Magazine, and The New York Times.


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